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Security Window Film

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Our Security Window Film and attachment systems can be tailored to different types of glass and different levels of security needs.


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Our Safety and Security Films will not make your windows bulletproof, however, they are designed to deter break-ins, especially opportunistic "smash & grab" burglaries.


The longer it takes a criminal to gain entry, the more likely they are to give up or otherwise risk getting caught. In fact, repeat offenders usually know by visual inspection whether to target a location or not based on your installed security measures.

Installation of our  Security Film on your home or business is a must if you want to prevent burglaries and home invasions.

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First, We Do Both Commercial Window Tinting and Residential Window Tinting. We Don't Offer Car Tinting.


  • We Like 3M Window Tint and Provide A High Guage, High Quality Protective Tint To Ensure That Potential Intruders Don't Get Easy Access To Your Home.

We provide

  • Clear Tint, Window Tint Film

  • Dark Tint, Blackout Window Film

  •  Mirrored Tint

  • Shatterproof Tint

  • Solar Tint, Solar Window Film (UV Window Film)

  • Window Insulation Film

  • Basically Any Glass Film For Your Home Or Business.

  • We Will Come To Your Home Or Business. For Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. So, We Are Actually A Mobile Window Tinting Service Near You. 

We are looking forward to serving your needs and will be happy to add you to our 5 Star Reviews.

We've collected reviews via Yelp, Google, Facebook, and BBB. >>>ALL 5 STARS... Thank you all!

Our  Window Security Films provided superior stretch and tear resistance, which adds to its high level of strength and ability to resist forced entry.

Our Films have been used in government buildings, schools, high-rises, and many other locations in need of protection from bomb blast mitigation, spontaneous glass breakage, severe weather protection, and forced entry. 

Our security window film products come with a limited lifetime residential warranty a 12-year limited commercial warranty.

What if you could increase security without sacrificing the beauty of your windows? 


Don't settle for feeling like you've barricaded yourself behind bars that belong more on a jail than on your home.

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