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Prevention is the Best Protection for your Home. 

Security Assessment Group LLC uses the latest in home security design to protect your home and family from  burglary or home invasions.


We give you the knowledge, preparation, and home security products to prevent property related crimes like home invasion, theft, and outside attacks. Serving residents in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and cities across Clark County, we help you to be proactive and be three steps ahead of criminals for your own piece of mind. 

Clark County & Las Vegas Burglary Prevention Specialists

Security cameras and alarm systems work well to alert authorities or local police to attacks that occur in the moment, but they fail to protect your home from deterring experienced criminals at succeeding in their attempts. It only takes minutes for professional criminals to enter your property and steal your belongings or, worse, harm your family.

We are home security specialists with over 25 years experience in law enforcement and home security.

Services we offer include:

  • Protective 3M Tinted Solar Film for Glass Windows and Sliding Doors

  • Steel Security Screen Mesh Framed with High-Grade Aluminum

  • Customized Ballistic-Resistant Steel Shield Security Doors

  • Installation for All Protective Equipment

  • Security Film

Las Vegas Home Security Options

Be Proactive and stay three steps ahead of the criminals with our Home Security Equipment.

Las Vegas Security Window Film Provider

Windows are common access points for criminals. A normal window is easily accessible using tools found at a local hardware store or items found around the house or yard, such as baseball bats or large rocks.

Windows reinforced with 3M Security Film provides your home with an additional level of protection, deterring criminals from entering your home through windows or sliding glass doors. Burglars that have difficulty with entering a home will often flee the crime scene in fears they’ll be caught and prosecuted.

Armored Doors & Security  Screens in Las Vegas

If you want the best security products to protect your home from a burglary or home invasion, our protective security screens and reinforced steel doors are your number one option.

Our Armored Doors and Windows products utilize high-grade steel mesh security screens and custom government-grade reinforced steel doors to secure homes without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. Unique designs allow homeowners to protect their homes using low-profile window and door installations that blend seamlessly with the architecture of the building, leaving your home security system concealed from criminals or perpetrators.

Go on that cruise you've been planning knowing that your home is completely sealed from intruders.

Protect Your Home With Security Assessment Group LLC of Las Vegas

Protect your loved ones and property, and feel completely safe in your home, by giving Security Assessment Group, LLC a call to schedule your free, no-obligation quote. We also do a thorough security assessment of your home so you know where you need security reinforcements. 

Feel comfortable going on vacation this winter by calling us today and

finding the best solutions for securing your home. 

broken tempered glass intact with security film link to window film page
cutaway of multi-point locking system custom security door link to security doors page
security screen door for double french doors link to security screens page

Homeowners and Business Owners need to be pro-active about their security.

A burlgary occurs every 13-16 seconds and the average loss is $2,251 (FBI UCR 2014)

Home Security Equipment options available for every price point. 


“If you're interested in securing your home from invasion rather than (or in addition to) detecting one after the fact, please give this company a call. Don provided top notch customer service and great prices for products and installation. He is extremely quality focused, unlike installation folks from large chains. I highly recommend that you support local business - and this is one of the best!”

D. Harpster, January 2016

“We are very pleased with this company! Don was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He responded to every concern quickly and politely. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting to secure their home.”

C. Smith, April 2016

“Just had Security Assessment Group, LLC install window tint on the front of our house. We were trying to decide between solar screens and tint, but the tint won us over. I highly recommend this company! Quick, reliable, high quality product and great price! I can already tell the tint is keeping my house cooler, which faces directly West. It also provides some privacy since you can't see directly inside now. We will be using this company again to install security film on our rear slider in the near future. Thanks for the recommendations!"

Amy N, May 2016